Team building


Tasks and challenges are solved in and by your teams – this is the only way to deal with the dynamics and complexity of the market.

However, not all team members are in one place or speak "the same language". Diversity has many advantages - and yet must be channeled in the same direction to have the desired impact. This is especially relevant when a team is new or when recurring conflicts disturb the professional environment.

Team building

We support your team and "boost" the process of high-performance teams, from ‘Forming-Storming-Norming’ through to Performing.

  • Survey of the current team status, e.g. by means of interviews
  • Achieving a unified approach by developing a team charter (stakeholder management, vision, mission, values, roles and responsibilities, consultation on practical behavior such as decisions, meetings, etc.)
  • Moderation of feedback modules
  • Use of Team Experience tasks (indoor-outdoor)
  • Sustainability: Use of a Team Barometer, follow-up measures

Channel each individual’s strengths into a common orientation and make team spirit tangible - customized for your specific team.