Talent development


You particularly want to retain, challenge and encourage your best talents – and keep them for the long term. This enables you to fill important key positions with the right employees over the long run.

But roles are changing rapidly, which “key competencies” are important? How do you find the right top candidates? Are you promoting the right people?

Talent development

We support you with these topics:

  • Creation of a tailor-made development curriculum for your "high potentials"
  • Identification of the right candidates for a talent program, e.g. with the help of profile analyses, targeted in-depth interviews or a development center
  • Targeted training with online and face-to-face modules, e.g. for junior executives and experts, for comparison and awareness of self-image and external image, the development of self-management, the support of project tasks as well as additional individual coaching and regular peer feedback
  • Development of a mentoring system and training of the mentors/mentees in the implementation
  • Integration and combination of training and learning modules such as Linkedin Learning, Ted Talks, podcasts, etc.

We make our extensive experience in setting up and implementing talent pools for managers and experts from specialist areas such as purchasing, sales, consulting and HR available to you.