Sales training


In the last few years, sales has had to deal with new trends and sales channels again and again. Besides the classic sales channel in the form of a stationary or location-independent sales organisation, the possibilities of e-commerce (online shops) or sales via social media platforms have been gained, for example.

For products and services in B2B sales that require explanation, personal sales continue to be of great importance. In this context, the orientation of sales activities towards the unique customer experience is always brought into focus.

But what are the essential skills of sales staff, sales reps, (key) account managers, etc. today in order to work towards a sustainable positive customer experience that leads to a purchase?

Sales training
  • Sales competence development for young or senior professionals along the sales cycle
  • Pipeline management (if required, based on the client's CRM)
  • Strategic sales
  • Professional relationship building and development as well as cross-selling in customer service
  • Key account management
  • Solution Sales
  • Value Based Selling
  • Consultative Selling
  • and the design of individual sales enablement programs
  • Hybrid Selling

Although it is a truism of sales that personal contact is essential in building relationships with customers, reality shows a different dynamic.
Hybrid sales meetings with (target) customers and even pitches via video conferencing are taking place. This requires even more sophisticated discussion and presentation skills from the sales staff involved.

For this reason, we have included the training "Hybrid Selling" in our always practice-oriented offer.