Negotiation training


Whether in purchasing, sales or project management - Negotiating is an essential part of daily business. The outcome of negotiations often determines the success or failure of the project or even of the company itself.

When it comes to negotiating, our basic objective should be to achieve our goals without losing sight of the overall picture or damaging the relationship we have created with our negotiation partner.

Unfortunately, many people have yet to systematically learn the art of negotiation. They rely solely on their “experience” and their intuition. This can often lead to unnecessary tensions during the negotiation, to a lack of results, or even worse, to a negative conclusion with an unpleasant aftertaste for everyone concerned.

Negotiation training

We advise and train staff to systematically prepare for negotiations. This means effective planning to conduct positive talks with confidence and skill, or, if and when their role is supportive, how to work as a team to bring about a successful conclusion to negotiations. We provide professional knowledge and skills for beginners, intermediate and advanced negotiators and their teams.

  • Methodical tools for successful negotiations
  • Negotiation techniques (e.g. Harvard, 3D, Bazar, Game Theory)
  • Negotiating psychology (e.g. from NLP or Neuropsychology)
  • Coaching, sparring and time-tested advice for specific negotiation situations. These include such difficult scenarios as, for example, claims and warranty issues

Our negotiation trainings have proven themselves worldwide, are realistic, practical and are easy to implement.