Live online trainings


You will also receive our well-known training quality, with live trainer and state-of-the-art, web-based infrastructure. In our Live Online Trainings we give the participants a group feeling despite the physical distance of a virtual classroom and foster the exchange of experiences (break out sessions).


In addition to our training program, we offer the following topics which are especially well suited for this format.

  • Decision Making - To decide like a jet pilot?! Do you think that good decisions can also be made quickly? Do decisions become better if you think and discuss them long and in detail? In this workshop we offer answers and show that the paradox can be solved.
  • eModeration - Improve the effectiveness of online meetings: You will learn all the essential elements to create and facilitate online meetings. As an eModerator, you gain more professionalism, more virtual presence and reach a common goal with your virtual team.
  • Leading virtual teams - strengthen your virtual leadership skills: You will learn the essential factors of efficient virtual teamwork. The training offers the opportunity to reflect on your personal situation. Your benefit are individual measures for immediate implementation in your daily work of leadership - for more effectiveness and sustainable team performance.
  • Resilience - that's what pilots do - you know that critical and stressful situations in everyday life are normal and yet you are surprised by your (over)reaction a certain time. In this workshop we will look at team resilience as well as personal resilience and work out common approaches to master critical situations even better and leave strengthened. With suitable methods and tools we will improve your stress resilience.
  • Time and self management - How do I organize myself and my daily routine in difficult times: You learn to assess yourself better and work on your strengths and wishes. The workshop will provide you with methods and tools to better define your personal goals and give you support in time management in your private and professional day-to-day life.
  • Basics of agile work - yesterday's approaches do not solve today's challenges: Agile working offers practical methods and techniques for almost all areas of your daily work. For example, you will learn to make fast, well-founded decisions, to lead in a progressive way and to communicate efficiently.
  • Train-the-Trainer - Knowledge and expertise for a professional e-trainer: You will be able to develop and deliver powerful e-training that ensures sustainable learning for your participants. You will also be prepared to handle difficult situations during your training sequence.


Realization of the live online trainings

We have good experience with the platforms Zoom, Webex and GoToWebinar for our live online training. You can choose from the following 2 time formats or we can customise the training exactly to your needs.

In the premium format we provide 2 modules of 75 min each (15 min break in between). This online training is divided into 2 intensive training modules. The participants are in direct contact with the trainer and are interactively introduced to the topic. Optional additional max. 1 hour individual Q&A after the 2nd module.

In superior format (4 modules of 75 min each) the participants are continuously coached on individual topics and questions. Likewise, the supervision/support of working groups by the trainer between the modules is ensured. The 4 modules can either all be completed in one day (2 modules in the morning - 2 in the afternoon) or spread over two days (e.g. 2 modules only in the morning or at the end of the day in the afternoon). Here we are guided entirely by your wishes and circumstances.