Leadership development and coaching


The changing, complex, world of work – change characterized by digitization, individualization and virtuality - requires modern leadership.
Executives need to be managers, in the sense of direction and oversight, and at the same time, leaders, in the sense of their vision and support.

Nobody goes from "Old School" to "New School" leadership overnight. Success requires rethinking, retraining and relearning. The capabilities of an ambidextrous skill set in both leadership and management have to be acquired through interactive training before they can be applied to each specific situation.

Führungskräfteentwicklung und -Coaching

We support the training of your managers with the following modules:

  • Starting-out Workshops and support of the first 100 days for job changers
  • Ambidextrous performance in theory and practice (for new managers)
  • Leadership Excellence (for experienced managers)
  • Leadership Workshop: Learning from and with other executives (peer consultation)
  • Coaching Excellence - The manager as coach
  • Management of virtual teams
  • Workshops on upward feedback and 360 feedback for managers
We develop customized executive training with you, keeping your people and your needs in mind.