Interviewer training


Decision making when recruiting and selecting people are extremely important decisions in a company. A wrong appointment causes great damage to the respective teams concerned and also to everyone else involved. They also cost a lot of money, up to a year's salary depending on the position.

Selection interviews must therefore be well prepared and should only be carried out by employees trained in them so that you can find the right candidates for your company. The accurate and promising selection of candidates also includes placing your own company attractively in the interview process.

Interviewer training

We support you with training for your managers and employees so that they act confidently and purposefully in the interview. An investment in your managers and employees that is sure to pay off!

  • Creation of requirement profiles and their operationalization of the necessary competencies
  • Using the deep drilling question technique to record the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates and test their skills with specific cases
  • Becoming aware of the appropriate mindset of an interviewer: "Attract & Select"
  • Design and professionally implement interview processes, assessments and development centers for specific target groups
  • Advice on questions relating to "Proactive Recruiting"

In this way you give your decision more accuracy – and shape your image to the outside world. Our HR experts will be happy to support you.