Interviewer training


Personnel selection decisions are among the most important decisions made in a company. Miscasting people (i.e. the wrong choice) will do a great deal of damage to the affected teams as well as to all other involved parties. These mistakes are costly, amounting to as much as an annual salary, depending on the professional level of function.

Selection interviews must therefore be well prepared and should only be carried out by trained staff. This is an investment in your managers and employees that is sure to pay off!


We support you in your selection process by:

  • The creation of requirement profiles and the knowledge of how to make them work
  • Using ‘deep drilling technology’ to discover the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate, testing their competence with targeted cases.
  • Becoming aware of the appropriate mindsets of an interviewer: "Attract & Select"
  • Assessment and Development Center, designed as target group specific and professionally implemented
  • Advice on all matters relating to "Proactive Recruiting" and "Active Sourcing"

Helping you make more accurate decisions and to improve your image outside your company. Our HR experts are happy to assist you.