Claim management training


The CEO of a DAX company once said: "The best contracts are the ones that stay in the drawer". That is the ideal case. Nevertheless, sometimes contracts have to be taken out of the drawer because there are claims among business partners resulting from a "disruption" in the implementation of contractual agreements.

Contract disruptions can have many causes, such as technical (e.g. development failures, quality defects), legal (e.g. delivery delays, patent infringements) or commercial (e.g. cost development, inflation, exchange rates). These contractual failures have an impact on several areas of your business, such as on your profitability, cash flow, business relations ot team spirit of your employees.

With a professional claim management you can enforce your claims even more effectively against customers or suppliers. And, you can defend claims of business partners against your company even more effectively.

Claim management training

Our training and coaching expertise for professional claim management covers the entire claim management area:

  • Presentation and case discussion of current and real (anonymized) claim cases from the B-t-B segment.
  • Basic definitions and contents of modern claim management
  • Understanding of the entire claim management process - from identifying whether a claim exists at all to claim closing
  • What are the roles / tasks of a claim owner?
  • Professional approach to keep the tension between claims negotiation and trustful customer / supplier relationship undamaged
  • Developing claim strategies
  • Tips and tricks for successful claim negotiations
  • Intensive coaching for your claim case (optional)

Our strong practical orientation with real claim cases enables you to manage your claims even more professionally. You will increase the economic benefit for your company in active and defensive claims.