Agile hybrid project management


The need to solve business challenges through projects is significantly increasing. Companies need to be able to achieve a high success rate when launching projects.

You are involved with projects in your organization, and in your business environment change is an ongoing topic. New projects are constantly being started, and some employees are engaged in many projects simultaneously. Agile methodologies for project management are either already being deployed, or their use is being intensively discussed and considered, both at existing and new projects. However, in many cases it is uncertain if the used methodologies are appropriate, or if the project context and stakeholders are able to deal with them in a way that enables successful project completion. 

You want to enhance your capabilities and leadership in order to assure yours and your team’s success. Through practical application and exchange with peers you want to learn how, in variable project situations, to deploy strategies and methods right-on-target.

Agile hybrid project management

We enable you and your team members who are engaged in projects to deal with different situations and challenges, and to apply suitable and effective strategies that take the projects to a successful completion. We work with you to design and implement customized trainings and workshops, enhanced with coaching. Some elements of our programs are:

  • The project as an organizational entity
  • Methods for modern project management (e.g. Prince2 Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean startup)
  • Relevant factors that make agile methodologies successful
  • The mission-critical role and engagement of the customer in agile projects
  • Key aspects and pitfalls of hybrid (traditional + agile) methodologies
  • Deployment of agile and hybrid approaches in actual project situations
  • Risk management of a hybrid project portfolio
  • Agility in the context of international project teams

We enable successful project management!