You are our focus. The entire moveon team employs its many years of experience in a variety of guided trainings, demanding change projects and consultations to meet your needs and to make your lives easier. Let us know what you need-we can help. Every moveon training is always tailor-made; customized to help you achieve your goals. Fast-paced, hands on and practice oriented, our trainings and workshops keep energy high and participants highly motivated. Participants are sure to leave with essential specific skills which they can immediately implement. 

Through Blended Learning, we work hand in hand with our clients in their digitization process.
We conduct topic-specific webinars and web coaching. We support your agile transformation with skill level-oriented analysis and agile change management tools. Our presentations and facilitations are professional, intercultural and interactive -- designed to bring out the very best in you and your colleagues. Personnel and organizational development through moveon is efficient. Our agility ensures your permanent success.


More than 20 years of credentialed, creative training with over 70 customers worldwide speaks for us.

Our training is practical, innovative and highly competent. Our presentations and facilitations provide the irresistible impetus to succeed. We are committed to supporting you 100%. You’ll find that our customers are among the best companies in the world.

....90% of our trainings are also provided as live online training.


Live online trainings - current topseller

You will also receive our well-known training quality, with live trainer and state-of-the-art, web-based infrastructure. In our live online trainings we give the participants a group feeling despite the physical distance of a virtual classroom and foster the exchange of experiences (break out sessions).

Agile Transformation

Digitization in the industry is in full swing. At the same time, society and social conditions are changing. We experience the megatrends of individualization, globalization, Generations Y + Z, changing values and Flex work. We live and work in a in a VUCA world – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are the new normal.

Change Management

Change represents modification, transformation and progress. It is an integral part of organizational and economic development.

Negotiation training

Whether in purchasing, sales or project management - Negotiating is an essential part of daily business. The outcome of negotiations often determines the success or failure of the project or even of the company itself.

Sales training

Your company aspires to deliver world-class performance, not only in the technology of your products and services, but also in your working relationships with your customers.

Leadership development and coaching

The changing, complex, world of work – change characterized by digitization, individualization and virtuality - requires modern leadership.
Executives need to be managers, in the sense of direction and oversight, and at the same time, leaders, in the sense of their vision and support.

Talent Development

You particularly want to attract, challenge, promote - and keep your best talent. This will enable you to fill important key positions with the right employees in the long term.

Agile Hybrid Project Management

The need to solve business challenges through projects is significantly increasing. Companies need to be able to achieve a high success rate when launching projects. You are involved with projects in your organization, and in your business environment change is an ongoing topic.

Consultant training

Your consultants have extensive technical expertise and, in addition, have the challenge of communicating this expertise to their customers in a comprehensible manner.

Lean Management

Higher, faster, and further - this famous sports motto also holds true for companies in global competition. However, especially successful companies run the risk of resting on past successes and suddenly being overtaken by agile competitors in the Industry 4.0 environment.

Team Building

Tasks and challenges are solved in and by your teams – this is the only way to deal with the dynamics and complexity of the market.

Crew Resource Management (CRM)

In the digital age, the use of technical means to solve potential problems is ever increasing.
All too often, one important thing is ignored: Even the best system is only as good as its worst user.

Interviewer Training

Personnel selection decisions are among the most important decisions made in a company. Miscasting people (i.e. the wrong choice) will do a great deal of damage to the affected teams as well as to all other involved parties. These mistakes are costly, amounting to as much as an annual salary, depending on the professional level of function.

HR Management

At times, your personnel management department lacks the necessary resources to address issues in a timely manner which are vital to your business and progress.


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