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"Nothing will lend you more superiority other than staying calmly under all circumstances" (Thomas Jefferson). In moments of critical negotiations or decision making - some kind of emotion will catch you in any case. There do exist effective methods to guide your emotions and those of others. We typically react on an attack with a counterattack. Only when you will be able to break these dynamics you can reach your goal.
We offer you the possibility to reflect yourself and experience others in a negotiation workshop to learn to control emotions (cooperation between moveon GmbH and VitaminT). Watch our 1-minute-clip:

Online Training

The New Normal? The future is now. Already in 2020, 30% of our trainings were running online and the planning of our clients foresees an increase to over 50% in 2021. Is that a shame? No - online training avoids travel costs and optimises time. The savings can be invested in additional training. And the training quality? Top thanks to Zoom and digital didactics.


What’s your resolution for this year? Perhaps a classic: "Praise more”. We are often asked: What actually is good praise?
Our answer is based on the research of renowned Stanford professor Carol Dweck and is both substantial and actionable:

  • Praise effort and approach, not intelligence or potential - Otherwise new challenges become a danger
  • Praise specifically - Give concrete information about what was good
  • Praise in private - Praise is feedback, not a reward ceremony
  • Praise only if there is a good reason for it - False praise is quickly seen through
Criticizing is easy - Good praise can be learned.
Gutes Feedback

December: Time to look back, also together with others. What was good? What could be different next year? Now it's time to wrap up your thoughts in a successful feedback that resonates with the other person and motivates further development. Time for the "Real Sandwich Feedback". You can see the really deciding points and how to avoid traps in our video.


Decision-making like a jet pilot?!
Do you think that good decisions can also be made quickly?
Do decisions get better when you think about and discuss them long and in depth?
In this workshop we offer answers and show that the contradiction can be resolved.
Some playful elements allow you to quickly put what you have learned into practice ... according to the motto " Learning through play".