Methods and consulting expertise


A comprehensive methodological knowledge and the models we have personally developed are the basis for our training and consulting. We support your digitization in the consulting industry, for example, with agile transformation and skill level-oriented organizational development. Our negotiation and sales skills are based on our own extensive experience in the industry.

Methoden und Beratungskompetenz

Agile transformation and skill level-oriented organizational development

Based on the Graves-progression model and the 7-S model of Peters and Woterman, we analyze your organizational skill level or ‘maturity’. In consultation with you, we define the steps required to achieve an agile, High Performance Organization.


Negotiation skills

The moveon Negotiation Certificate (MCN) includes various successful negotiation approaches such as the 3D negotiation concept of Lay, Sebenius, the Harvard Concept by Fisher, Ury, Game Theory, or Behavioral Change Stairway Model of the FBI Hostage Negotiation Unit.


Sales skills

Most particularly in sales, we have a wide range of methods to determine the optimal strategy (e.g. similar to Miller / Heiman or Dixon's Challenge Sales), the sales process (sales Cycle Management) and key account management.


Moderation of large groups with Open Space Conferences and World Cafés

With the Open Space Conference method, we facilitate groups of up to 200 people actively collaborating together in a workshop setting to achieve tangible results. This method is based on the concept of OST by Harrison Owen (Open Space Technology).


Change Management with "Willing, Skilling, Drilling" (The Change Traffic Light approach)

Change as a phase model - using The Change Traffic Light approach, a project (groups of from 10 to x 100 people) goes through the process of sensitization / planning, analysis / implementation and sustaining. This method is based on the 3-phase model of Kurt Lewin and the 8-phase model of John P. Kotter.