People. Change. Organizations.

Everyone has strengths. We identify and develop them.

People. Change. Organizations.

Change is at the core of all business. The important thing is knowing how it's done.

People. Change. Organizations.

Rigid structures are outdated. The key today is to become agile and innovative.

moveon Unternehmensentwicklung

moveon Unternehmensentwicklung.

We are your strategic partner for people, change & organizations. We support your development of competencies and your cultural transformation in an analog and digital way.
We are an acknowledged, dynamic consulting and training company with more than 70 clients and over 20 years of proven experience in global projects.
Long-term partnerships with large, well-known customers distinguish us from our competitors. The moveon team consists of professional consultants and trainers, having a track record in the Automotive, IT and Engineering industries, with the business know-how you need to succeed in your industry.
We consult and train with agile and innovative formats.

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The German humorist Karl Valentin once put it in a nutshell: "Not sick at all is not healthy either". So what does "healthy" mean and what is "healthy leadership"? Our latest training covers these topics. It starts with the idea of how to lead oneself healthily and continues with the ideas of how to lead a team healthily. The one is closely linked to the other. Among other things, the training deals with one's own Emotional Intelligence and the power of positive psychology. The unconscious Pygmalion effect is also discussed in order to make people aware of the importance of the leader's role as a role model. One of our clients is now rolling out the "healthy leadership" training as a compulsory training for the entire management team throughout the company after piloting it.